Lion EP-450P5-L1

      EP-450P5-L1, Lion power supply, is a better than fan less power supply. The Lion is designed for users who care about both the noise and power output. A stand-by fan installed inside the Lion power supply which will kick into gear only when the system executing a load over 250W ( like playing 3D games, graphic capture or heave graphic drawing).              

     The Lion remained completely quite for light loading operation like word processing or Internet browsing. The exclusive silent operation definitely meet user requirement.


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....What makes the Lion 450 unique is that its design uses a big metal cage to protect a large heat sink......The Lion is attractive because of the many fans it can manage, which permit the computer to keep cool.       April 2005

            "With ePower offering these new slide-in connectors, AGP PRO, PCI Express, and a wealth of other connectors, along with a 700W Peak Load, this computer can handle any of the current computers on the market"       by
    Temperature Sensor


An amphibian temperature sensor lead out to the chassis. This feature add to the case cooing feature of E Power Technology”¦s power supply. The temperature sensor, together with the chassis fan lead, will regulated the case fan speed when the internal temperature rise than normal operation temperature.

    LED Fan

The Lion power”¦s better than fan-less design also add a blue color LED light to the stand-by fan, which will lights as the fan turns, another cool feature to the gaming PC system

    Case Fan Speed Control

To maximized the silent effect of E Power Technology”¦s silent technology. All E Power technology”¦s gaming power armed with 3 special power leads for case fans. These lead will reduced the noise level created by case fans.

    SATA Power Lead


2 SATA power lead on all E Power Technology”¦s gaming power supply.

    Enhanced VGA Power Lead

A patented special feature of the gaming power series. The VGA power lead comes with a RMI filter and wire coat to eliminate EMI ”„s affect on VGA cards thus the ignoring snow and water wave effect will be reduced . A great plus for PC gaming.

    Power Fan Control Switch

The Power Supply fan turns on automatically after reaching higher than 250W loading, or user have to option to turn on the fan at anytime.


Black Titanium

Number of Fans 1 Fan
M/B Connecter 20 pins + 4 pins ATX12V
Top Silent Technology 0Db below 250W Load
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes


Technical Specification
AC Input 100-120Vac/200-240Vac
Current 10/6A
Frequency 60/50Hz
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V -5V +5VSB
Max Output Current 28A 45A 28A 1.0A 0.8A 2.5A
Combined Wattage


336W 12W 4W 12.5W
Total Wattage



 6"x 3.5"x 8" (W x H x D) 

7 lbs