Jaguar EP-450P5-E1



Jaguar is E Power's unique gaming power supply come with quiet and powerful character. Jaguar series provide an outstanding noise control at level of 23dBA at 60% load. Jaguar series also provide a green concepts technology by using special Titanium plated casing which can reduce radiation impact to the user. Jaguar's patented E.C.A.S.O. (Enhanced Cooling after System Off) technology will keep PSU fans continue cooling the system for three minutes or more after the system shutdown to prevent the hot-heat retaining in the system chassis. In addition, Jaguar series come with two fans open-window casing with the perfect LED lighting is the super cool design for gamer. Serial ATA  ready is a plus to gamer. 




Jaguar Product Flyer   






"The feature is called E.C.A.S.O. (Enhanced Cooling After System Off).  I really like this feature... allows  them running for 3 minutes after your system is powered down.....get the heat out of your computer after your machine powers down..."    


Chassis Glossy White Titanium Reflective
Window Blue
Number of Fans 2 Fans
Fan Color Blue
Case Fan Controller 3 connecters
M/B Connecter 20 pins + 4 pins ATX12V
SATA Connector 2 built in
AGP Power Lead Technology Yes
ECASO Technology Yes
Top Silent Technology 23Dba @ 60% Load
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Certification UL, CE, CB, FCC
Technical Specification
AC Input

100-120VAC or 200-240VAC





DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V -5V +5VSB
Max Output Current 28A 45A 28A 1A 0.8A 2.5A
Combined Wattage


336W 12W 4W 12.5W
Total Wattage


Dimensions (W x H x D)

6" x 3.5" x6.25"


5 lb