WARRIOR Gaming Case


        The new WARRIOR gaming PC case is a new introduction of E Power Technology. It brings a new page to personal computer. Warrior Case is a decorative PC for users. Its shining and colorful lights on the side planes could be turn on and off with a click of a button. Unlike other gaming systems, the WARRIOR lights are independent, thus it can be left on  for the color changing side panel to glow even when the system has been shut down! With the 450W PCI express ready power supply the WARRIOR is ready for any kind of motherboards to run!

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"..The effects of the window etch is further added by the LED's around the window that change color"  ...                          gamepyre.com

      "...  The side panel is definitely one of the best features of the case with its multiple colors dissolving into one another in a constantly changing light show...."              overclockcafe.com


"...just another excellent touch included by E-Power.... the Warrior case performed really well and handled everything I threw at it... The lights can be turned on and off even when the tower is not powered on, very excellent idea....." hastlanehw.com



" ...It's a PC case that comes stock with 13 LED lights. The side panel glows with a spectrum of constantly changing colors and the light show can continue in the Warrior PC case even after the computer is shut down..."     -by short-media

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 SECC steel chassis. FCC/CE passed PC gaming case.
 Plated net side window for radiation reduction
 Stylish Colorful changing side and front panel
 Control button to turn panel light on at user choice
 Panel lights on while system off
5 different colors (Silver, Black, Green, Blue and Yellow) to choice
4 external hard drive bays for multiple hard drive CD ROM devices
1 colored fan on side panel with fan guard
1x 80MM rear fan
CPU air duct (optional)
External Ports: USB2.0, Audio connection, MIC connection.
Special sealed Magnetic door hook prevent damage by frequent access  
Technical Specification
Model                                 WARRIOR
Case Type                          

 Mid Tower full size steel chassis                       

Dimension (W x H x D)         200mm X 430mm X 450mm


Drive Bay


 4x 3.5 inch  Internal

 2x 3.5 inch External

 4x 5.25 inch External

Main Board  

 ATX/ Micro ATX

Power Supply

 PSII450W PCI express ready

Fan Space 4 x 80mm front fan or 12cm front fan (optional)   
1x 80mm rear fan (1 standard + 1 optional)
I/O  Dual USB, Audio               
Weight 20lb